Access to The Darkroom requires an active membership.

What is The Darkroom?

The Darkroom is a mobile first platform dedicated to carding. It’s an encrypted portal with resources to make money, learn new methods, find vendors, and more.

Why do I have to pay for a membership?

Put clearly, The Darkroom isn’t a half-ass system. The products and services that we offer (and will offer in the future) produce income for our members. The administrators and moderators who build and manage these systems expect to be compensated appropriately.

What is Nectar?

Nectar is the flagship product we offer. It allows you to purchase items in physical retail stores with a vCard that can be purchased from the marketplace.

After downloading the wallet, buy your vCard (virtual credit card). Use the Token # provided after successful purchase to launch the purchased card in the wallet. Once the card is launched, just hand the phone to the cashier. The wallet app visually guides the cashier to processing the transaction.

Why do I keep getting 403/404 errors?

  • Non-authenticated user/host You need to return to the home page, or hard reset the app, and provide valid login credentials. You do not have enough permissions to access the requested resource.
  • Membership Expired/Deactivated You may get this message if you haven’t paid your monthly subscription costs, or if Admin or Moderator has determined to suspend your account. Some suspensions do take place automatically via security audit – in that case, only the system can return your account to a normal state.